Ray-Ban Wayfarer Gradient Sunglasses

I love my wayfarers. I think they are genius and they really go with everything. I never leave the house without mine. Needless to say, I definitely can’t celebrate Spring and Summer without them.

Instead of the classic black, how about considering this gradient pair? Their sleek gradient design feels fresh and modern. There is a youthfulness about it that will never go out of style and it certainly is attractive. Like that pretty young thing at the bar that you can’t stop looking at. Except this is a lot more low maintenance and will never give you grief. Or fart in its sleep.

Buy this Ray-Ban Wayfarer Gradient Sunglasses for 120 Pounds at Mr Porter.

  • rinoarinoa

    120 pounds is how much in US dollars?
    I never own one from Ray ban but this sunglasses catch my attention.

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    • http://www.styleflavors.com/ Nicolas Travis

      About US$187