Pai Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil: Regenerative Multi-Tasker

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Pai Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil:

I’ve talked about the wonders of face oils before and how they can help reduce your sebum production. There is an oil for every sort of skin crisis and today, I’m focusing on the regenerative benefits of Rosehip Oil particularly this one from British organic brand Pai.

Chock full of concentrated fruit hip oil, with double the regenerative sterols and five times the carotenoids of seed oil; Rosehip Oil is a little like Nature’s Retin-A. In that what is found in the oil is concentrated Trans-Retinoic Acid (Vitamin A), an essential fuel for the skin’s natural repair function. Vitamin A is not only an antioxidant but it is also helps speed up the skin cellular renewal rate and helps produce fresh skin cells; which makes this very useful for scars and stretch marks. It also helps firms the skin and maintains natural skin elasticity. It will also work on stubborn zits.

I’ve been using this right after my laser sessions and peels. It nourishes and reduces irritation without weight on my skin and in my skin’s driest state, I can even use this during the day. 2-3 drops is all you need and if you find this too heavy for use during the day, use this at night. It would help your skin regenerate itself that much quicker. Don’t worry about this clogging your pores because it wouldn’t. For a hit of added nourishment, I would use this under my regular night moisturizer. So think of this oil as a serum that you use before a moisturizer.

The only thing I am not thrilled about is the smell. It has a very natural smell that reminds of fish oil. But it works so well, I am willing to not care about that. Buy this Pai Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil for S$43 at BeautyBay or S$45 at Pure Tincture.