Greens Plus Advanced Multi Wild Berry Superfood: Healthy Glowing Skin In One Easy Step

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Greens Plus Advanced Multi Wild Berry Superfood

There’s no denying the fact that you are what you eat. Good intentions aside, sometimes life can just catches up on you and after one too many margaritas and fried chicken dinners, things can get a little sluggish. I found that out while I was traveling in Europe for 7 weeks in January and I realized that I was looking forward to fresh juices (as a rule: you should eat your fruits and drink your vegetables because you want to avoid the high sugar content of fruit). My body was craving it. Juicing is pretty big business these days and with good reason, a bottle of green juice was 7 Pounds/SG$15 in London. I mean, I just couldn’t justify the cost, you know?

So I started looking into green powder like Chlorella. That worked for a while but then I was introduced to Greens Plus Advanced Multi and there was no looking back. Greens Plus Advanced Multi is a 100% whole food multivitamin, multi-mineral & phyto-nutrient delivery system of RAW green foods, superfruits, sea vegetables, herbal extracts, probiotics, algae calcium & vitamin D3 with Sambazon acai. A scoop of this is the equivalent of 5 servings of fruits & vegetables and gives you pretty much all nutrients you find in a multivitamin pill and then some (think royal jelly, B Vitamins, Chlorella growth factors, green nutrients, multiple minerals like zinc and the list goes on.

It is the most nutrient-dense powder at a very affordable price point. The wild berry version tastes just like its name suggests. I do a morning smoothie everyday with some hemp protein powder, frozen berries and fresh orange juice. When I travel, I bring this with me and do a scoop in a cup of orange juice and go about my day. It mixes easily and goes down the same way too.

It is superb after a night of heavy drinking. It instantly cleanses your system and gives you a boost in the form of more energy; something we can all agree we need after one too many rounds. Plus, it has the added benefit of giving you healthier skin. With this, you can totally enjoy your Summer and all the fun that it entails (all you need is a great pair of sunglasses, swim shorts and a pair of slip-ons).

Buy this Greens Plus Advanced Multi Wild Berry Superfood for US$41.14/SG$55.15 at iHerb.