Green Virgin Moringa Oil: Organic Multi-Tasker

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Green Virgin Moringa Oil: Organic Multi-Tasker

I’ve talked about the wonders of pure, botanical plant oils before (see here and here) and apprehensive as the word ‘oil’ might be; an open mind might be the catalyst for a new loving glowing relationship. Oils contain the life essence of the plants they are derived from and high-quality cold-pressed oils will provide your skin with a mega dose of nourishment and trace nutrients and minerals with every drop.

If you are not ready to jump on the facial oil bandwagon just yet, I highly recommend you try to use one on your body and see the difference it makes on your skin. This Moringa Oil from Green Virgin is pretty impressive. A native plant in India, the Philippines, Senegal, Niger and Ethiopia; the Moringa Oil is also known Ben oil. 

Its efficacy lies in the fact that it has 90 different types of nutrients including vitamins, proteins, fiber and minerals, 46 antioxidants, 36 anti-Inflammatory agents, 18 amino Acids and 9 essential amino acids. 

No matter if you’re in the midst of a Polar Voltex or if you have dry, sensitive skin with eczema, this organic cold-pressed oil is one to check out. I’ve been using it right after my shower and my dry patchy skin is a thing of the past. It’s also a perfect adjunct  to harsh back-acne medication that one may use on their backs (apply the acne medication then apply the oil on top of it to help speed up the healing process).

Buy this Green Virgin Moringa Oil for US$26.95 at Green Virgin Products.